How To Use Canes

Please note: As with any medical or health device we recommend that you consult a doctor or health care professional before sizing or use. We take no responsibility on how any product is used. A cane should be properly fitted for each user click here for instructions on how to properly measure and have certain canes custom sized. Some of our products have weight restrictions click here for information regarding weight restrictions WalkingEquipment is not responsible for injuries or damaged property resulting from the use of its products.

Please note: A proper medical professional should train you with any of the steps below

Walking with a Stick

Walk placing the stick or cane on the ground at the same time as the affected leg. Remember, the stick should normally be held in the hand opposite the effected leg.

Chairs - Getting up

The stick or cane should be near the arm of the chair. Lean forward and, with hands on the arms of the chair, push forward and stand up.

Chairs - Sitting down

When returning to the chair, turn around, feel the chair behind the legs, place hands gently on the chair arms, bend forward and lower gently into the chair. The stick or cane can be held or rested nearby.


Hold onto a handrail if at all possible. The stick goes on the same step as the affected leg.

The unaffected leg should lead when going upstairs, and the affected leg leads when coming down. However where possible, go up and down stairs in the normal manner.