How long are the canes?

Each cane will come in the "standard" length unless otherwise requested. The "standard" length refers to the length of the cane as it comes from the manufacturer. You can find the Standard length of a cane by going to the product page and looking under the custom sizing file at the bottom of the page. We do offer free cane sizing if this length is too long for you. Please keep in mind that we cannot make a cane longer than "standard" length and most folding canes can be cut down no shorter than 30". Our ice tip canes cannot be shortened.

What size replacement tip should I order?

To find the correct size replacement tip for your cane you can remove your current rubber tip and measure straight across the cane’s shaft (where the rubber tip was). This measurement is the cane’s diameter and that is the tip size you should order.

Will my cane come with a rubber tip?

Yes, every cane on our website comes with a rubber tip.

Do you accept insurance and/or prescriptions?

Unfortunately, we do not accept any types of insurance or prescriptions. At this time we only accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, AMEX. Checks and money order are accepted with mailed in orders only.

Can I mix and match handles and shafts?

Unfortunately, our canes are already manufactured therefore we cannot make any changes. Canes are sold as they are pictured and pieces are not interchangeable or sold separately.

I forgot my username and/or login password.

There is a 'forgot password?' link located under the login button that will e-mail you your login information. If you no longer have access to your e-mail or do not receive the e-mail within 24 hours you will need to create a new account. We cannot look up this information. If you have questions on previous orders please feel free to call us.